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Applykar.com is an extended arm of leading Consulting colossal TGCL (The Giant Corporation Lacis). It is India’s only job portal which is not at any corporate HR’s desk. Applykar.com strives to become a vital link between job seekers, employers, and job portals of India. Applykar.com is an consultant portal and our aim is to cater only consultant and recruitment market and not any corporate firms.It is very handy tool for job seekers to find top job sites in India. The directory is also helpful for job sites that get users looking for jobs.

TGCL Corporate Information

The Giant Corporation Lacis is world’s leading Consulting Group. We are the advisor of choice among top companies seeking guidance and counsel in consulting. We have unparalleled access to leading executives across globe.

We cultivate and maintain long term relationships with CEOs of leading companies around globe. We operate across 53 sectors (Including main and Subsectors), our clients range in size from the world’s largest corporations to emerging growth companies. We offer value to our clients through providing a holistic suite of provable solutions.

We operate out of hub of India with representative office in Mumbai. From the time of beginning, clients have trusted TGCL to assist them employ world-class Intelligence Service. Constructing on this legacy, today we are a single source for a wide range of leadership and talent consulting services. TGCL we seek to remove speculation from the process of engaging premium talent through rigorous research.

This passion for research and search has made us the leading Consulting firm in the world. Undisputed ability to spot the proven leaders and global money makers has sharpened our competitive edge over competition.

What we bring to your company?

Profound understanding: – We work intimately with clients to get a deep insight of their business. We take the time to fully understand company’s issues, objectives, opportunities, strengths and vulnerabilities. We listen carefully to what they say about the challenges and issues. This means that you receive advice that really gets to the heart of your business.

Delivering Knowledge: – TGCL is known as leading Corporate intelligence firm in the world. We invest in developing processes and systems for our people to create, share and reuse our intellectual capital on a global scale, enabling us to efficiently deliver the most relevant insights for our clients.

The right people in the right place at the right time: -We assemble the right multi-disciplinary team for your business, drawing on our global network of professionals. You get the diverse perspectives and skills you need, wherever in the world you need them.

Customized Services: -Today’s business world requires you to balance stability with rapid change. The way we work allows us to help our clients to respond the challenges they come across.

Integrity: – We act with integrity, have mutual respect and are open and honest in everything we do. We only ever do what we believe is right.

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